Players (Wekaners) can compete with one another by solving the puzzles featured in editions of the daily press. In such cases, the publication in which each puzzle appears establishes its start language (SL), end language (EL) and difficulty level.

The game format varies slightly in different publications.

In the publication game format, the SL themes and words are already set out in the Wekanun area on the game grid, meaning that the Wekaner is only required to place the corresponding EL translations (equivalents) in their correct positions.

Once they think they have solved the puzzle, the Wekaner can submit their solution via text message. If their solution is correct, they will be entered in the corresponding day, month or year’s prize draw.

The more correct solutions a Wekaner submits, the more likely they are to win the corresponding daily, monthly or annual prize.

Every solution a Wekaner submits will be stored in the system, so that those who have tackled a given publication’s puzzles on a daily basis can be included in draws for more substantial prizes.

Wekaners earn points for each solution they submit via text message.